Brand Protection

Safeguard Your Company’s Future with Brand Protection

Brand protection meetingAttorney Ryan Connolly provides brand protection legal services to clients in the Southern California area. To safeguard your products, ideas, and the future of your business, Mr. Connolly can act aggressively to represent your best interests. Contact our offices to schedule a consultation today.

Intellectual Property

Laws surrounding intellectual property are designed to protect the creative works of inventors, designers, authors, and composers from being stolen by others. Mr. Connolly can safeguard your ideas from piracy and assist you in obtaining patents, trademarks, and copyrights for your material.

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Mr. Connolly has extensive experience in obtaining trademarks to protect your brands identity. Trademark law is written to protect companies’ identifying marks, such as names, logos, and designs, from being used by other parties.

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Mr. Connolly assists clients in obtaining copyright protection for their original creative works, such as writing, music, or art. Copyright protection grants the creator exclusive rights of reproduction, and grant others the right to reproduce, perform, display, or transmit the work.

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Internet & E-Commerce

Mr. Connolly can help your business in all matters related to your online profile. From consulting and advising for start-up companies, drafting partnership and distribution agreements, to negotiating advertising contracts, Mr. Connolly can protect the growth of your business.

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