Business Transactions

Legal Services for Business Transactions

handshake business dealAttorney Ryan Connolly can assist your company throughout any business transactions. Clients in the Southern California area trust the Law Offices of Ryan Connolly to handle all matter of legal transactions, from starting the business through partnership agreements. Mr. Connolly has experience drafting all types of contracts to protect your brand.

Business Formation

When starting a new business, Mr. Connolly can consult and advise you to protect your company as it grows. Putting together a business plan and drafting legal documents will safeguard the future of your company.

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Business Purchase and Sales

When selling or buying a business, it is imperative to have an experienced professional to represent your best interests. Mr. Connolly can negotiate on your behalf and draft agreements that will ensure your future viability through unforeseen circumstances.

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Commercial Transactions

Mr. Connolly can represent your business throughout any type of transaction. It is important to have an experienced attorney who will minimize the risk to your company while negotiating and drafting legal agreements that meet your company’s objectives.

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Employment Contracts

Having legal documents that protect the future of your business is essential for your success. Mr. Connolly will negotiate on your behalf and draft the appropriate agreements to safeguard you and your company from any unnecessary risks and achieve your desired position.

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Partnership Agreements

Partnership agreements are the legal framework that describes the structure of a relationship between two or more parties who are running a for profit business together. Mr. Connolly has extensive experience negotiating and drafting binding agreements that specifically designate rights and responsibilities between parties.

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Purchase and Sale Agreements

Purchase and sale agreements need to be drafted in such a way that they specifically designates the rights and duties that they create. Mr. Connolly can draft legal agreements that will protect your investment for the future of your company.

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Non-Disclosure Agreements

In order to protect your proprietary property and keep a competitive edge in your industry, non-disclosure agreements can be essential to your business. A properly structured contract needs to be in place before sharing any confidential information.

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IP Transfer Agreements

Transferring your rights to intellectual property to another party can involve very complex agreements. Mr. Connolly is an experienced attorney that can draft legal documents that carefully detail the rights and responsibilities involved in a transfer contract.

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Publishing Agreements

Before entering into any publishing agreements for your creative works, it is essential to have an experienced professional review and if necessary, rewrite the contract. Mr. Connolly can draft binding agreements that will protect your art.

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Branding Agreements

When entering into a relationship with another company, it is important to have a legal agreement about the rights and responsibilities of all parties relating to their respective brands. Mr. Connolly can act on your behalf to secure an optimal position.

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Distribution Agreements

An appropriate distribution agreement defines the rights, responsibilities, terms, and conditions under which a distributor can sell a product from a supplier. An experienced attorney can negotiate and draft legal documents that will protect your company’s future.

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