Unfair Business Practices

Protecting Victims Against Unfair Business Practices

Victim of unfair business practicesDespite the efforts of regulatory agencies and consumer organizations, people are continually victimized by false advertising, fraudulent activities, and unlawful insurance claims. Ryan Connolly is an unfair business practices attorney in Southern California who fights against these types of illegal activities on behalf of his clients. Unfair business practices encompasses may areas of law, including fraud, misrepresentation, and any unlawful or oppressive acts by a business entity. Mr. Connolly has the experience necessary to bring effective cases against offenders of unfair practices and recover the appropriate damages for his clients. If you feel that you may have fallen victim to unlawful practices at any point during a business transaction and would like an experienced professional to look into your claim, please contact the Law Offices Of Ryan Connolly to arrange a consultation.

Unfair Business Practices Law

The state of California has a very broad description of what constitutes unfair practices:

False Advertising

Any type of promotional material that makes deceptive, misleading, or untrue claims about the nature, characteristics, quality, or origin of goods or services.


Antitrust laws specifically prohibit the ability of a single company, firm, or entity from engaging in conduct that unreasonably restrains competition.

Price Differentiation

Also called price discrimination, this is the practice of charging different prices for identical or largely similar products or services in different markets by the same provider.

Price Fixing

Competing entities conspiring to set prices of a certain good or service, creating an unfair advantage.


Deceitful or overtly fraudulent acts intended to mislead or suppress the truth.


Any unjust or prejudicial treatment of an individual or group by an organization.

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